Jeremy Simon

Fitness Trainer

About Me

With over 16 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry, I have competed and placed in several NPC shows. My most recent achievement was taking first place as a light heavyweight. However, like many of you, I too struggled for years, making little to no progress, constantly switching between various training programs and meal plans.

It wasn’t until I invested in a professional personal fitness trainer that my progress finally took off. In the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with national IFBB PRO coaches, and I strongly believe that hiring a personal fitness coach was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Thanks to their guidance, I was able to bypass a great deal of wasted time, effort, and frustration. I could focus on training, eating, and sleeping, which helped me achieve my fitness goals in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Moreover, the sense of accountability that came with paying for their services motivated me to show up and give my best every time.

If you’re tired of making ineffective progress and want to transform your physique, I am here to help. I offer free personal fitness consultations, during which we can discuss how I might assist you in building the body of your dreams and developing habits that will improve every facet of your life.

So why wait? Contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange your free consultation and take the first step towards a healthier and happier you.

Jeremy is a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.

Personal Training

My personal training services are tailored to cater to your individual fitness needs. Whether you’re into powerlifting, bodybuilding, corrective/rehab training, sports training, circuit training, or workouts focused on weight loss/fat burning, I will develop a workout routine specifically for you. I pride myself on customizing every program to suit each client, and I modify them as needed to ensure maximum results.

Each program is designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals while also improving your weaknesses. My detail-oriented approach to personal training means that you will learn accountability and experience positive change as we work together to focus on both your mind and body.

I’m committed to helping you facilitate the changes you want to see in your health and to improve the quality of your life. With my personal training programs, you’ll receive individualized attention and a comprehensive approach to fitness. Together, we’ll achieve your fitness goals and make a positive impact on your life.

Training Rates

30 Day Kickstarter Program


90 Day Body Transformation Program


$500.00 April Deal!

Contest Prep Coaching Program

I will help you with everything you need to know, from your lifting routine to your nutrition, to supplementation and check-ins, to cost analysis, to suit selection, to registration, to tanning arrangements, to posing, to stage presence, to a reverse diet, and everything else in between. 

We will sit down and discuss your expectations, the costs involved with competing, your commitment, and your goals. 

You will be given a weekly comprehensive nutrition plan, supplementation plan, and exercise regimen to follow outside of any in-person training. You will be expected to follow your program perfectly, all day, every day. 

Official ‘prep’ will begin 12-20 weeks before your selected show date. However, certain expectations must be met, including proven readiness to compete and a certain level of physique relative to the desired NPC division, before a target show and official prep will be considered.

Extremely Limited Availability! -- I only work with committed athletes!

Client Transformations

Angellica Grey


Ryan Neason


Brandon Parker

Body Builder

Frida James


Natalie Foster

Tennis Player


“I’m happy with my physique right now and now want to maintain it. I’m so happy I signed up because to be honest, I was unhappy with how I looked. Now I not only feel like a different person but people are also noticing. I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for getting me here.”
Steve Smith